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PEI represents Ecochlor, Inc., providing ship owners with cost effective, environmentally acceptable ballast water treatment that complies with all enacted and proposed standards and regulations. In-house experts and the company's team of strategic partners not only supply complete design and fabrication of the Ecochlor┬« Ballast Water Treatment System, but also marine engineering, navel architecture, chemical treatment expertise, shipboard installation and ongoing technical and regulatory certification support. Ecochlor's treatment methodology utilizes the unique properties of chloride dioxide. This biocide, not to be confused with chlorine, has been used safely and effectively in industrial and municipal water treatment applications for over 60 years. Ecochlor is IMO and USCG Type Approved. The company, with headquarters in Maynard, Massachusetts and manufacturing in both North Haven, Connecticut and Shanghai, China, has the capability to install and support its systems throughout the world.  Visit the Ecochlor website at or just click the logo below.

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Ecochlor   Ballast Water Treatment System